Rwanda’s Capital is Attracting Tourists

Rwanda’s capital is rapidly building a reputation as a tourist hot spot. With low crime, spotlessly clean streets and a friendly attitude, Kigali is pulling in travelers …

36 thoughts on “Rwanda’s Capital is Attracting Tourists”

  1. If the government sponsored a Rwandan airline and provided super cheap flights from western destinations, and advertised tourism a ton in western countries, they could potentially attract a lot of tourists and continue to develop a great reputation…. just a thought!

  2. Sounds like a one of those honeypots where you have classy foreign expats and then the locals staring trying to contain their jealousy, sounds a bit elitist to me. One trend I have noticed in the third world is lack of standardization and I can’t help wonder that there must be a lot of corruption and sins playing out among the streets.

  3. Africans take note. This is nothing but a subtle commercial for westerners to come and invest in your city or in other words take it over financially. You better wisen up, go back home and take your rightful place before the west and chinese take over. Its already happened in Zambia, now the media is preparing Rwanda. Wake up Africans!

  4. This video made me thinking about visiting Rwanda, I'm curious how you made it so far in 25y with infrastructure and solving problems with local people between each other. Much grettings from Croatia 😎.

  5. I hope that Rwanda can continue this upward trend! I was recently in Tanzania and would love to see them in the East African Federation!To future cooperation :)Greetings from Germany

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