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San Francisco is a city bursting with youthful energy and only 350 miles from LA. Follow us through the city and discover that here, adventure seems guaranteed.

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  1. Lots of culture, tech, aaand homeless people…In all honesty, I love San Francisco. I went there for the second time in 2018, and it was incredible. However, I hope the poverty rate drops, I cant stand to see people live in such bad conditions.

  2. My church ⛪️ choir visited this city 🌃 for Christmas for a pageant with the San Francisco symphony orchestra concert overnight with Michael tilson Thomas and Julia Fischer and we stayed in Nob Hill at the ritz Carlton hotel 🏨 San Francisco

  3. If you're trying to tour around this time, don't. The city has become a dump because of too many problems with the homeless and the infrastructure (including roads with potholes and cracks). Lombard St is nothing more than a winding street and flowers. Too many people live in the area + lots of tourists. Up to you…

  4. San Francisco is an amazing place. Beautiful panoramic view if the golden bridge. Look at my experience on my blogg – rondabtv – Where tourist go in san francisco

  5. What a disgusting city, run by a bunch of protected liberals that care for nobody but their self. Feces in the street and robbery abounds.Take a lot of extra money because you will have to replace everything you own daily

  6. Was good 7 years ago. Not so much these days. Overpriced EVERYTHING, dirty, homeless overload, terrible traffic..But most importantly, the amount of homeless and feces/drugs is just a huge downside. I lived there for 6 months, worst popular city I've ever lived.Living there is near impossible unless you are some programmer.Just go to Chicago or NY, it's waaaaay better.

  7. We just drove to san fran from las vegas. Hellava drive but it was worth it! Will upload the road trip vlog to san fran from vegas soon🤣🤙🏻. Place was a really cool spot to snap some photos, though Was kinda scary when people say your car lock is useless and anyone can break your window lol!

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