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Sao Paulo – Welcome to one of the world’s most populated cities. Check out the best spots to visit in Brazil’s exciting hub of business, culture, creativity and …

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  1. Faltou mencionarem o Bairro da Liberdade, expoente máximo da cultura japonesa fora do Japão e o Bairro do Bixiga, com suas cantinas e trattorias italianas e o seu inconfundível estilo boémio.

  2. When I first visited São Paulo approx. 10 years ago I really hated it – traffic jams from morning to the night, hectic, skycrapers until the horizon – horrible!Meanwhile I have been there a couple of times and I like it more and more. There are a couple of nice and not so crowded places where you do not feel to be in a 12 mio. Inhabitants city.In terms of food São Paulo is one of the best places you can find. The variety is so huge – whether you like grilled Brazilian meat, seafood, pasta or especially Sushi you will find lots of excellent and (at least for Europeans) not so expensive restaurants in São Paulo.I use to describe São Paulo the following way:"It's much better Inside than it looks from outside".

  3. The content in this traveling video and others that you produce pretty informative, but Limited I have to unsubscribe because the music is very annoying. My advice to you is not to have music throughout the whole video and it shouldn't be louder than the narrator.

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