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  1. Tipping is not offensive. But many companies tell their employees to refuse it. Because we think that providing customers with good services is our honor. At a traditional place like RYO-TEI, tipping is acceptable. It's called "KOKORO ZUKE". You should do it when having a party or ceremony at RYO-TEI. You need to put bills into an envelope which is available at stationery shops.

  2. Courtesy of military I lived a couple of years in Sapporo and Chitose. I have always remember the excellent grid system of the streets of Sapporo, hard to get lost there. The ski hill and lots of snow. Thank You!

  3. Your video is very helpfull and very good. But I'm having difficulties with the sound of the video or maybe my tv is not fully functional or your voice maybe quite tone down. But hey, great video

  4. Nice video^^ ! after 15 years here is in the tourism industry, seeing the evolution of the business, I may say that sightseeing taxi driver or guide (Japanese) do now accept tips, of course they may refuse at first but it became really commun, specially since the Boum of NISEKO hahahah which spoiled and destroy the beauty of Niseko in less than 10 years…

  5. Just came back from Sapporo. In the middle of May, We were lucky to witness stunningly beautiful cherry blossoms. Really enjoy the city. Looking forward to returning to Hokkaido University in autumn for its golden gingko avenue.

  6. Dude I hope that pretty dark skinned girl sitting and eating at the table actually knows you, or that would be so awkward you just talking and filming while she was eating, LOL.

  7. cool video. really liked watching it.Keep on going please.subbed you.I would definitely be really thankful for it if you support me as well please 😊😃 ❤&✌

  8. Beautiful, smartly narrated video. Very enjoyable. By the way, my bank advised me to change my PIN before visiting Japan because their machines only support 4 digits. Maybe that was your issue at Lawson?

  9. Every time I watch an Attaché video, I'm blown away that you don't have more subs. The quality of your guides is amazing. The research, writing, cinematography and presentation is always top notch. Great job yet again.

  10. Northern Japan getting some love! Too bad you didn't venture outside of the cities. My favorite parts of Hokkaido are the vast outdoors. There are so many national parks to explore and vast hilly farmland.

  11. Hi. I'll be travelling to Vladivostock with the Trans-Siberian train next winter. Before going back to France I plan a side trip to Japan where I've never been before. For a 3 day trip would you recommend going to Tokyo or Sapporo?

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