Rick Steves’ Europe Travel Guide | Sevilla is the flamboyant city of Carmen and Don Juan, where bullfighting is still politically correct and little girls dream of …

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  1. its cool to see the roots of my family, i can trace back my spaniard herritage to as early as 1700 then they moved to Nueva Galicia now a days known as Jalisco state Mexico, i feel spain as a brother country we share similarities but at the same time we are completely different

  2. I lived in Seville for four months during college. I had the privilege of going to Feria. My classmates and I used to sit along the Gaudalquivir, where you walked, doing homework and drinking Coca cola. I was married not long after my time there and while there I bought a traditional flamenco dress in white and wore it along with a comb and mantilla, instead of a veil, at my wedding.

  3. These have got to be some of thee most beautiful women (and people) in the whole wide world, they're just so vibrant! WOW!!!! And the architectural structure with its vibrant colors and genius creation is among the prettiest ever created by mankind! What a great culture exist in that part of the world! And the food and wine, oh man….

  4. Ik ben echt benieuwd naar deze stad, ga daar binnenkort naartoe, heb ooit ‘n rondreis Andalusie gedaan, ben eerder geweest in Valencia, Barcelona, Madrid, dan nu Sevilla, ik laat me verrassen

  5. Remember everyone please that after the Moors rule Spain expelled them from Europe and Spain had 300 years of Spanish inquisition . So it's impossible to have any Moors blood in in the Spanish ethnicity.

  6. I loved the gardens in Seville and the government buildings. How come he chose to leave those out of the video? I want to go back now just to see Arcos.

  7. 3:05 "Spaniards consider Andalusia the home of flamenco"It's not that Spaniards consider it. It IS. Not only that, flamenco is just from Andalusia, not Spain. You can find people in Madrid, Bilbao, Valladolid or Barcelona who like flamenco, listen or dance to it, but it's not that different from finding that in New York. We all know it's not part of our traditions outside Andalusia (and maybe part of Extremadura and Murcia if at all).

  8. Santa Maria de los Buenos Aires building named herewith is also the original name of present day Buenos Aires, Argentina, also one terrific city in every sense

  9. Concepcion Delgado is very unique in expressing and illustrating Spanish Women's feelings towards men's that are attracted to their beauties and charms in the way they portrayed their actions and interest and feelings.

  10. this is the third Rick Steves Spain show I've watched. the second one where he rehashed stuff from the first episode that I had watched. I advise skip it, you've already seen most of it at least once, or twice, if you've seen other Spain episodes.

  11. I must say that the information about the audience room that in the video it´s supposed to be a chapel; the painting with the "virgen de los Aires", was placed there in the modern times.on the place where the Altar and the painting is, used to be the thrones for the Catholic Monarchs, and Columbus was receive in that room after his second travel !!!just point that, please do´nt bother

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