St Pete Pier | Grand Opening Sneak Peek | Pier Tour & Tips for Visiting | St. Petersburg, Florida

The St. Pete Pier Grand Opening is July 6, 2020! Come with us on our preview of the brand new St. Petersburg Pier. Join us as we explore the 26-acre waterfront …

24 thoughts on “St Pete Pier | Grand Opening Sneak Peek | Pier Tour & Tips for Visiting | St. Petersburg, Florida”

  1. The Architects construction workers did an amazing job not an easy feat to build what they did all the concrete out on the water my hat goes off to all of them and the politicians they did something good

  2. Wow that is so cool! Are you guys based there? Really loved the sneak peek video! Love the mural kiosks, a great design! Can't wait to watch your full video next. Overall, the pier was super stunning and we loved all the information your provided! It's nice that there are more places opening. Our favorite place would probably be the TIKI Bar! Hope you guys are staying safe <3 Watched your whole video to support.

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  4. What a view from the restaurant. That is nice they made use of the solar panels for shade. Wonder if they will have those events now. You have been so great to our channel. Just know we appreciated all that you do for us.

  5. It’s great that you could get in before opening, it looks amazing! It’s going to be so nice and vibey once it’s open 😊 looking forward to your video showing the grand opening ✨

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