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Sunshine Coast – A region blessed by mother nature, venture here to enjoy miles of spectacular coastline on one side and tranquil hinterland on the other.

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  1. If you want to go to a less touristy sandy beach and less traffic go to Coolum beach (entrance is near the skatepark ) way more relaxed than Noosa and Mooloolaba there's also a supermarket nearby if you want to use the public BBQ you can also get a great view of the beach from Point Perry, another place to check out is the boardwalk of Mt Coolum and if you're going to Mooloolaba first checkout Point Cartwright.

  2. As an Australian, I can confirm that the Sunshine Coast really is the place we go to relax – along with Cairns/Port Douglas. If you're planning to visit Australia – you cannot afford to miss the Sunshine Coast and in particular, Noosa. Enjoy our great country.

  3. From our recent visit there (we got off the plane in Melbourne a few hours ago) you wouldn't think it was a multicultural country. Look through this video – how many multiculturals can you see? We stayed in Noosa Heads which was filled with white Aussies. Nothing wrong with white Aussies but where were the Asians, middle easterners and other cultures? In addition, the drought has spoiled the once-beautiful greenery. Review this video carefully and you will see many examples of damaged foliage. Noosa authorities and politicians – please act. With all the money you get from tourism you can afford weather modification to make it rain. Please don't say there are no clouds to seed to make rain as we saw some today (Sept 3, 2018) as we flew out of the area. Accommodation owners: water your landscape plants or swap out the plants for hardier species and varieties. Callistemon and magnolia Little Gem (or similar) were doing well. Plant more of them.

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