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Taranaki – From the mountains to the sea, this region is set to impress. Follow us through Taranaki and check out the top attractions here. When ready, browse …

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  1. Hey kiwi speaker, your country has been metric for decades, like basically all of the world. There is hardly a convincing reason to relapse just because you speak under a clip owned by an american firm. It is being viewed not only by americans but also by many of 'the rest'. Also, it's a great opportunity to familiarise americans with metrics, because some of them might intend to come – and then what, without being prepared?! Time to stop mythmongering and get real!

  2. Can you please do Northland/Far North, it has Beautiful beaches, Bay of islands, Warmest climate of NZ- Subtropical, Top of NZ, And has the first port in NZ, Where the Treaty was signed, and first Arival of people to NZ

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