The best countries in the world for nude beaches

Check out our lists of nude beaches in the best countries for topless and naked sunbathing, including Spain, Portugal, and Croatia

Summer comes. It’s warm. We hit the beach. For sure — a very normal thing to do for most of us around the world, but only a small minority of beachgoers indulge in sunbathing topless or naked. If you’re new to naturism, this is basically what the appeal is: being in a naked public space can be a great way to let your inhibitions go, enhance your self-confidence, and help yourself foster a healthy stance on body image generally. Having no tan lines is really just a bonus…! But where are these nude beaches? Will you find them in every country of the world?

In short, no. In 2021, Pour Moi, an online lingerie and swimwear retailer, published their “Global Guide to Nude & Topless Sunbathing”. It states that naked sunbathing is legal in 39 countries, as highlighted in green on the map above. We’ve selected some popular sunny destinations from these 39 and listed some of the best nude and clothing-optional beaches in these countries, so you know exactly where to let loose and catch the perfect, even tan. Etiquette is also important, so be sure to look at our bonus list of naked-sunbathing dos and don’ts at the bottom of this article.


The land Down Under indeed, Australia is renowned for its nude beaches. Sunbathing topless or nude is officially acceptable in all but two states: Queensland and Tasmania, though even in these places, inconspicuous nude beaches do exist.

Top nude beaches

  • Maslin Beach — Adelaide, South Australia
  • Samurai Beach — One Mile, New South Wales
  • Sunnyside North Beach — Melbourne, Victoria
  • Lady Bay Beach — Sydney, New South Wales
  • North Swanbourne Beach — Perth, Western Australia


Public nudity in Spain has been legal since 1988 — theoretically, you can walk around naked anywhere without being fined or arrested. However, in some cities such as Barcelona and Valladolid, rules have been implemented to make the potential for naturism less… well, stark. These rules don’t tend to extend to beachy areas, though.

Top nude beaches

  • Playa de Maspalomas — Gran Canaria, Las Palmas
  • Playa de Cantarriján — La Herradura, Granada
  • Playa de Bolonia — Bolonia, Cádiz
  • Playa de Es Trenc — Mallorca, Balearic Islands
  • Playa de Vera — Vera, Almería


There are nine nude beaches in Portugal that are officially recognized as such, but naturism is practiced at over 50 more. That means, on average, there’s about one nude beach every 12 kilometers along the Portuguese coastline — a pretty impressive density of bronzed, basking bodies.

Top nude beaches

  • Praia da Bela Vista — Costa da Caparica, Lisbon
  • Praia do Salto — Porto Covo, Alentejo
  • Praia da Barreta — Ilha Deserta, Algarve
  • Praia do Homem Nu — Tavira, Algarve
  • Praia do Meco — Sesimbra, Lisbon


Topless and nude sunbathing is incredibly common in Croatia — you can spot people indulging in it on most beaches, whether they’re designated naturist or not. Croatian beaches in general can get extremely crowded in the summer, so we’ve got some tips that are more off the beaten track

Top nude beaches

  • Stiniva Beach — Vis, Split-Dalmatia
  • Kandalora Beach — Rab,
  • Primorje-Gorski Kotar
  • Jerolim Island — Hvar, Split-Dalmatia
  • Sveta Marina Beach — Sveta Marina, Istria


In the US, naturism laws vary from state to state. According to Pour Moi’s US map, there are only four states where public nudity is completely unacceptable: Utah, Indiana, Tennessee and South Carolina. We’ve picked out some of the best nude beaches in more popular vacation spots.

Top nude beaches

  • Haulover Beach — Miami, Florida
  • Little Beach — Maui, Hawaii
  • North Baker’s Beach — San Francisco, California
  • Black’s Beach — San Diego, California
  • Blind Creek Beach — Hutchinson Island, Florida

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