The Don’ts of Going on a “Buddies Only” Trip

Heading out for a “guys’ trip” with your mates? It doesn’t matter the gender of your friends or the length of time you have known them, there are friends only trips …

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  1. Excellent tips for doing a guys trip!!!! This stuff doesn't get talked about enough when it comes to YT travelers, so I'm glad to see this on here! Oh here's a great tip: If your friend or friends get into a fight in a bar or club, DON'T GET INVOLVED!!!! Walk out and wait for them to go to jail!!!! I knew one former employer who was at a bar, and his friend got into a fight. He got involved to help his friend out by trying to calm the situation only to have the police arrest both of them!!!!

  2. I try to laugh off people's faults and short comings while on the trip. Nothing makes a trip awkward faster than people getting mad at one another. It doesn't mean I'll invite that person back, but I try to not let them ruin the trip.

  3. I've been on (and co-planned) several weekend trips with friends, but somehow the budget thing has never really come up because either a large part of the group was still in college, or there was this one essential group member who has a really low income, and so we always know we need to go cheap. And it's been fun! It would be amazing, though, to go on a trip with friends and actually stay in a good hotel and eat at great restaurants even if they were expensive!

  4. One thing that I'd like to get the opinion on from others is: How do you stop being the "cultured" friend? So, I like going out for a drink, I like eating food, I like visiting some of the usual sights and I like having a good time. I also like checking out the odd thing that I've heard is really good and I don't force all my ideas on the group but I think what they might like. Unfortunately, the day usually is drinking til we have a hangover, spending the day not doing a lot, then going out again.Is it a case of just leaving my friends during the day? I feel like it's a waste of a holiday and I hate not hanging out with them ( I can solo travel easily). Also, I'm slightly on the cheaper side – but more for unnecessary things. We lived like a mile away in Amsterdam, so like 15-20 min walk and my friends were always adamant on getting taxis and for me that's just a waste of money. I try and say that to them, but they're not sure.

  5. Some excellent tips, especially the reminder that people’s budgets are different. Also, don't “get arrested” is another good tip. I certainly wouldn’t go as far as getting myself arrested anywhere but your friends could cause a scene and next thing you know, you’re sucked into a brawl you never wanted to be in. Lastly, in this day and age, it’s extremely important to behave yourself when out and about because everybody has a phone with a camera that could compromise you in the future. During last World Cup in Russia, I heard of a situation involving a group of guys who were perceived as harassing Russian women, filmed themselves making jokes that would have been fine 15 years ago, though today are seen as crossing the line. They lost their jobs.

  6. Is some of this footage taken a while back. I see no social distancing or masks so I am assuming it is. Good tips for sure though. Agreeing on a budget for sure is the way to go!

  7. A number of years back, my less-traveled friends and I took a trip to LA. I was awoken one morning, after a night of adult beverages, by them all bickering about what WE were going to do that day. I'm an easy-going guy, but if you wake me up with a nonsense argument, I'm not responsible for the words that come out of my mouth, and, apparently there's some rule that the oldest male in the group makes you responsible for everyone else??? I'M in charge?? Who made that rule? Rolling out from under my blanket, I screamed "SHUT UUUUUUUUP!!! SHUT THE (BLEEP) UP!! FOR HEAVEN'S (BLEEP)ING SAKE! WE'RE (BLEEP)ING ADULTS! GO DO WHAT YOU WANT TO, AND WE'LL MEET FOR DRINKS AT THE BAR NEXT DOOR AT 7PM! NOW GO DO WHATEVER THE (BLEEP) IT IS YOU WANT TO DO!"I could watch the idea of "Oh yeah! We can do whatever we want to do. We're not attached to each other. We CAN spend time apart." wash over them with the speed of an oil-soaked, greasy wave.After they stopped their (BLEEP)ing and went their separate ways, I walked across the street to a 7/11, got a case of beer and a pack of Marlboro's, and watched a Harry Potter marathon in our hotel room.

  8. Dang, I just discovered you like 3-4 weeks ago trying to find facts about Canada, as my family and I are planning on moving up there. I instantly got hooked and I’ve seen every video now lol. I’ve even been throwing your videos on to sleep to, because they’re so light and bright and happy toned. Thank you for all your effort Mark! – From Wisconsin

  9. The larger the group is, the harder it is to coordinate, the more time will be wasted in delay, and the reservation has to be far in advance. So, what is the optimum magic number? 4? 8? Perhaps 1? How long in advance is needed for preparation?

  10. Do not be afraid to say that you are not riding with the idiot from NJ who cannot stay more then 40 ft behind any car even when on the autobahn. Just because he is the most aggressive driver on earth, does not mean he should be driving all the way across Germany.

  11. GOT to have the Uber app in case the trains in Paris quit early. What do you do in Vienna when you really want to get into the museum and your buddy only wants to find Marvel movie locations? Every one needs to know the way to the hotel on their own. Test the hell out of your communications apps. Does it actually work in that country? Once in the Hoffbrau haus we started texting the office in Colorado. 8 people copied on each text at $1.50 per person. OMFG that got ugly. Get the names and contact info on every cool person you meet.

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