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There are no shortage of things to do in Tokyo, Japan and this collection of the top ones will guide you through planning your travels to the country’s capital.

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  1. Man, I wish I was the videographer for that production.  I love travel documentaries and shows.  And filming all those memories is just how my career should be!  Love Tokyo.

  2. I have been going to Japan from 2005 use the Japan rail pass you can use the pass on some buses & Tube when in the city or town, I have use it on a ferry boat from Hiroshima to a Itsukushima island a mush see. You do not have use the pass right away, a two week pass (if you are going for three or four weeks) is best if you what to see a good parts of Japan; transport staff know there job all aim to be the driver of the Shikansen (bullet train). Don't forget to bring with you hostelling international membership card. Ps. Spring or Autumn the best time visit, is the Goldilocks time not to hot or cold.  

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