Top 10 Reasons Why We Chose Ecuador (over Mexico, Costa Rica, Colombia, Puerto Rico, Portugal, and so forth.)

Amelia and JP VLOG 212: We considered several other countries before we chose Ecuador as our expat home away from home. In this video, we share the …

33 thoughts on “Top 10 Reasons Why We Chose Ecuador (over Mexico, Costa Rica, Colombia, Puerto Rico, Portugal, and so forth.)”

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  2. When Correa was president, Ecuador was doing great. Moreno, on the other hand, has cut down on the health budget, has fired thousands of doctors, entered into a bad deal with IMF, and has followed Washington's orders when it comes to foreign policy. Guayaquil was a horror during the worst of Covid-19 and it's not over yet. Violence convulsed Ecuador months ago, just before Covid-19 and the way things are going, it may yet return.

  3. You guys are inspiring! You guys should do a video comparing the coast to the mountains and to the amazon! I know you may not have been to the amazon much but just let us know what your thoughts are <3

  4. My husband is from Colombia. Can you explain the differences between the two and why Ecuador was more appealing? We are thinking of building a house in Colombia for retirement but are a little ways away. Thank you loved your video:)

  5. I visited Ecuador last February after a winter RV trip in the SW. It didn't take much of RV life to know that wasn't for me. I had to do something different as my SS$ money was not enough for me to live in the US if I wanted to maintain my self respect and autonomy. My friends moved here three years ago and promised me I would never want to leave. I was in Ecuador for three days when I bought a small piece of land and contracted a new home to be built. I planned to return to US, spend a leisurely summer with friends and family, tidy up my affairs and be back by September to oversee the finishing touches of my new home in the mountains. I am an avid hiker and animal lover, I could have it all and never work again. I flew home March 8th, and faced the Covid reality. I felt like time was of the essence as this virus may never allow my return. I somehow managed to pull it off in record time, I did spend the last few months mostly on 'hold', with many government officials. I said goodbye to all my friends and family through windows and video, a very sad way to say goodbye. I arrived in Quito three days ago and will be traveling to my new home town tomorrow, I will rent and isolate until my home is ready. This country is truly a paradise, but it is the people here that make my heart sing.

  6. Ive been looking at Ecuador, Peru, or Mexico. Spent and enjoyed visiting for extended times in non touristy areas of Mexico, BUT NOT BEEN TO SOUTH AMERICA. My research favors Ecuador. How difficult/expensive is to to being your pets w/ you into country w/ you?

  7. I been watching your channel i am retired in the Philippines over 2 years now. I loved it here I was born in Cuba but lived 50 years in Miami Fl, California & Puerto Rico. My ex wife is from Costa Rica so i gpt to know and in 2015 i started researching the different countries to retired i looked Panama, Colombia and spoke to a friend who retired in Costa Rica and had to returned back to Florida since it was expensive for him. So in 2018 when i started collecting my social security i moved here and i loved it here. One of the problems with central america, south america i seen Costa Rica new president has communist ideas he started bringing teachers from Cuba to teach the kids how great communist it is so i said no to tge idea plus cost of loving is high, Colombia has similar situation with a group of guerillas, Puerto Rico is nice i lived there 11 years but expensive so i decided not to go back, Panama look interesting however i visited The Philippines and i felt in love with the place. I hope to continue watching your videos.Sincerely Arturo

  8. I’m still deciding between Ecuador, Costa Rica or Portugal. I have a neighbor from who’s from Ecuador and he said I should consider any other country besides his home country. He said the medical, government corruption and crime are the reasons not to live there. I haven’t heard very many people complain about the rainy weather in Costa Rica. Maybe it depends on where you live. Well our plan is to do to each country and stay for 30 days and see how we like it. Thank you for sharing why you guys choose Ecuador.

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