Transat Adds Destination Entry Requirements to Traveller Care Guide


To help travellers plan their trips, Transat has now updated its Traveller Care practical guide to include hyperlinks about entry requirements for each destination it will offer as of its relaunch today, July 23.

With travel regulations evolving rapidly, and from one country to another, it’s vital that travellers check their travel admissibility and the entry requirements for their destination countries. For example, they may need to provide a medical certificate attesting that they’re fit to travel; they may have to undergo a COVID-19 screening test; they may be asked to provide their contact information so they can be reached if needed; they may be required to quarantine at destination or upon return.

This is in addition to all the other tips in the guide, such as how to comply with the new health and safety measures, how to limit contact, and what new procedures to expect at destination.

As Transat relaunches its operations today, travellers can rely on this practical guide for everything they need to know before they go.

To learn more, consult Transat’s Traveller Care practical guide


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