11 thoughts on “Travel Rome in a Minute – Aerial Drone Video | Expedia”

  1. hello.. im doing a short film about Rome.. i wonder if its possible to give me a permit to use just some seconds of your footage in my video.. i would be so thankful if its possible and of course there will be credits for you in the movie and on youtube description and a link to your original video.

  2. Hello, whats up? First of all…I need to tell you that I love your videos on Youtube. All the images are amazing, you really did a great job.I have a question…My name is Rodrigo Sanchemou, I'm brazilian/ Italian, and I just started with my Youtube channel a few months ago… I love to visit new places on the world and show the best part of my trips…So… I was in Roma a few months ago, Woow!! Amazing place and I really appreciated it! So… I would to ask you… I recorded some videos there at different places and now I'm editing my video for a next chapter for my Youtube channel.My question is…should be amazing if I can use some parts (drone parts) of your video too… if u want, sure! And I will put your channel on the credits, your name if you want…I will put all credit about (drone images) for you.I hope you like it, and let me know what do you think! I think it should be an amazing idea for you and me! ps: you can see some of my videos on my channel, I love edition and new themes! let me know! Thanks! Rodrigo SanchemouInstagram @Sanchemou

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