48 thoughts on “Traveling During Covid19 – Is It Safe to Travel Yet?”

  1. I’m British and so far have travelled domestically in England and Scotland and will be travelling to Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary and Italy in 2 weeks. Europe is a lot further through the pandemic with most outbreaks well contained and almost all borders opened to Europeans. I would say travelling Europe is safe enough now. However, this won’t help as almost all European countries are closed off to the US still.

  2. Hey Brett I didn't catch the name of the town you visited there in Colorado, can you disclose it or does anyone else know? Also you didn't show any daily budgets or expenses so I'm assuming it wasn't that cheap? Great show btw, thanks for all you do 🤟

  3. Literally feel you, I also recently had my first flight to Greece and couldn’t believe I’m finally traveling again. My flight experience is on my channel❤️

  4. What an amazing video you’ve created ! Please dont stop uploading content like this .i am also working on a similar video like yours and it is very inspiring for me to watch 🙂 love you’r way of making videos ♥️♥️♥️

  5. Beautiful and informative video! and amazing landscapes of course. Nature is always a safe choice. I have recently traveled to Paris, so much busier and different vibe! check out my video if you are interested 🙂

  6. It is so strange to see mountains that (in my mind) are always covered in snow as barren as a desert. Nice to see that you are travelling again.

  7. Is it just me or did brett and haley swap masks and shoes 💀 first haley had yeezeys and brett had vans then 7 minutes into the video they swapped and one point haley had a black mask and then brett had the same black mask

  8. My wife and I decided to do a road trip to Yellowstone grand Tetons and arches. We didn’t feel safe doing any air travel so we decided on a road trip and hands down best idea ever! We got to see nice little towns had great food met some great people. Definitely recommend a road trip during these times.

  9. I did a similar trip to Utah earlier this month and I can agree that I felt very safe. Most people are wearing masks. I flew Delta and their policy was that everyone kept their mask on during the flight. People in stores were reminding people to wear masks.

  10. I just booked a $28 RT flight to NYC for Thanksgiving. Hoping there is still a parade. If you’re gonna be in the city during that time, I’d love to meet you for coffee or a drink!

  11. Colorado is beautiful but honestly it’s disappointing to see people traveling as it’s not like COVID-19 is getting any better. If you are going to travel, I think it is best to stay on your own state at LEAST. Think about how pandemics spread..

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