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Trujillo – Known as the Peruvian Capital of Culture, this Spanish colonial city in the northern desert of Peru is a vibrant place, with colorful architecture and proud …

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  1. Trujillo hermoso!! Pero olvidado por el estado peruanp y el Mincetur que sólo promociona el Sur…. Cusco y Arequipa. Para muestra un boton hay el triple de cosas que conocer y hacer en Trujilo que en Arequipa ciudad pero los turistas simplemente no lo saben por que el mincetur no lo promociona.

  2. This is awesome! This is the perfect channel for a wanderlust like me. I saw in an earlier comment that you will be doing shoots in South Africa, but there is so much to see in West Africa as well! Ghana is incredible, and most slaves in the US came from Senegal and Angola so there's so much rich history and culture there too. I hope you'll be filming in places like these for future videos.

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