Trump & Mexico Get Close, Store Sues Cuomo Over Riots, Chinese Co.s Got $ from PPP | Watch NTD News

NTD Evening News-07/8/2020 Top News Today 1. Trump and Mexican President Pledge Cooperation 2. Reopening Schools Draws Differing Opinions 3.

37 thoughts on “Trump & Mexico Get Close, Store Sues Cuomo Over Riots, Chinese Co.s Got $ from PPP | Watch NTD News”

  1. Hate tell you school is going have be in 2 daily shifts. 8:am – 2:00 (K-8 grades) 2 hour room cleaning time to be done by the teachers teaching in those rooms. Yes this could work. A lot kids would be much better w afternoon classes.Then 4:pm-10pm (9-12grades).

  2. This channel has turned into Trump propaganda channel.Bring back the alternative Communist China news, I don't want to see US politics here coming from a Falung Gong show, why do you people want to get in trouble again? You got sued for your Facebook ads now you're putting a Trojan horse as a news channel.Reveal your Falun Gong associations, stop meddling in American politics.

  3. Cuomo trator to his people! Stashing money in fouriegn buisness needed for his sick Covid 19 patients ! Then lieing about not enough mask! And shields on hand for New Yorkers! Who need them and medical staffs ! Betrayals by their dem Gov.! love to all New Yorkers from Texas! God be with us all!

  4. How can the Mexican President meet with that dryd outFruitcake ? ther are still5300 children in his. Consantrationcamps! sleeping on congreet floor, with Covit on the Rampage ther ! Trump seems to forget ,his Wife came in to our Country in 1995 ilegal. to have a better Life !Is he going to look her up?????

  5. God gave us free will n satan temps us with everything around us. I believe all the viruses locust, bad weather, earth quakes and all other things are from God n the bible tells us these things are coming. Mother Mary visited this earth n talked to children both in Fatima and Garabandal n warned us thru these children that if we do not change we will face a chastisment and Conchita, one of the girls at Garabandal, knows when we will get a warning n everyone in the world will see it and we will all see the wrong we have done and the right we have failed to do and after this warning if we still do not change we will be in trouble. She was told by Mother Mary to tell of the warning 8 days before and Conchita is around 61 yo and so we will be warned by God soon. She is living in New York so research what these two places and what Mother Mary told these children and the miracles that happened there during that time. God Bless n pray for our leaders!

  6. ADV China has a segment about China falling apart and focuses on showing how shoddy workmanship is the norm, not the exception..everything is smoke and mirrors in China. Eye opening video!!!

  7. Steve Scalise he right Cuomo’s nursing home scandal is bad, when even Democrats the New York State Legislature are holding to investigate the thousand of senior killed on his watch. This is just beginning he won’t get away with this. Cuomo murdered thousands of seniors intentionally he wanted as many deaths as possible murderer murder!! Governor of California Gavin Newsom is a crooks he start close the state he lock down people again!! Newsom is American enemy!! He is a crooks just like Cuomo Andrew Governor of New York & the crooks Mayor of New York Bill De Blasio!!

  8. Boycott everything Made In China!! Buy American . Hire American. Make America Great Again!! Ask Barrack Hussein Obama, how the hell he became a multi millionaire while in office?? That the reason the Democrats come to Gov just for corrupted, the country down hell!! Who care!! That is what Democrats commie want country going down hell!! Democrats is commie they are is our enemy, get rids of them first, because they are the one all work for China Communist!!

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