22 thoughts on “Trump returns to Washington DC on Air Force 1”

  1. With all that is going on across the country, I’ll bet Trump would like to have Air Force One take him to some for off land where he could live out of remainder of his days in anonymity.He has no answers for the COVID-19 crisis, high unemployment, the collapsing economy, how do deal with the Russians over the bounty they have placed on American soldiers, books being written about him by his family and former employees, etc. Coronavirus is out of control in Florida and Texas. The fragile state of the economy gets worse by the day.We must all pray for our country, because trump does not seem to have any answers.

  2. As Kevinmjay quoted
    ​The "hardest working man in show business."Certainly, the best-paid actor in the world, acting for the interests of the International Elite Banking Cartel.What exactly has he done to benefit and improve the daily life of the honest hard-working people?Would someone please make and publish a list

  3. Traded in the TRUMP Boeing 757 Jet for Air Force 1. $0 (dollars) down payment and zero monthly feesIt's a good deal. \ Better than anyone can get on their old Chevy.

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