TUNISIA Travel Guide 🇹🇳 | Top 5 greatest locations in Tunisia

TUNISIA Travel Guide Top 5 best places that you must visit This video contains information about : #Tunisia #TunisiaTravel #TunisiaTourism #Tunis …

28 thoughts on “TUNISIA Travel Guide 🇹🇳 | Top 5 greatest locations in Tunisia”

  1. Tunisia land of civilizations but this video didn't mention carthage one of the most important old civilizations which dominated the world before Rome and most prosper city at that time

  2. I would love to go to Tunisia, the problem is being a lady and not able to wear a bikini to the beach. So I prefer to go to Malta. Such a shame it looks lovely.

  3. Check our beaches… they are amazing…. I live in spain and I think that tunisia's beaches are better than Spain's… go ti mahdia, sousse, Monastir… hotels are cheap there and luxurious too.

  4. I saw a video called " The world react to being called beautiful" and i saw the most beautiful woman i've ever seen at 1:32, who is from Tunisia. Tunisia has the most beautiful woman in the world. So i'm in love with Tunisia now haha

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