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Tuscany – This region draws visitors into its sun-warmed bounds to enjoy a life of simplicity and art of the highest form. Click play to follow us through Tuscany …

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  1. Нет слов чтобы описать это. Воистину величие! I have no words to describe it. It is true greatness! From Russia with love!

  2. Non ci sono dubbi l Italia è il paese piu bello del mondo. Abbiamo gli stessi siti Unesco della Cina però quest' ultima è grande circa 30 volte l Italia. E con questo ho detto tutto. Rialziamo la testa italiani facciamo vedere al resto del mondo chi siamo e di cosa siamo capaci.

  3. If you plan on driving in this region, keep your seat belt fastened and your head on a swivel. The reality is they drive like reckless maniacs in Tuscany. Went there in May 2019. I was glad to get home alive……

  4. La dolce vita! I saw a. TV program where they show how steak is cooked in a very different way in Tuscany than elsewhere. Best of all is that the steak contains a little bit of pink and no red.

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