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Vancouver – a city regularly voted “the World’s most livable”. With breezes that carry the scents of nature and aromas of all the urban delights you’d expect from …

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  1. Vancouver! My favorite city. Safe, great public transportation, good food and great people. I roamed Stanley Park for 6 hours with my dog-best day ever! Will return soon!

  2. pff, Canadian beauty can hide in front of Slovenia! Slovenia is the most beautiful and the best country on the planet, a true dreamland! Canada’s got nothing on us! NOTHING! Slovenia has everything and more, there is no land like Slovenia. So beautiful you can go blind the legend says! Even our air we breath is special!

  3. I'm Australian I went to Vancouver back in 2007. I absolutely loved it. It's such a beautiful awesome incredible city. I'm going to move to Canada and I'm going to marry a Canadian woman and I'm going to live in Vancouver and I'm going to raise my children and my family there.

  4. "When you set foot in this hallowed place, your olfactory nerve is caressed by the scent of lilac, mint, salty sea mist, and fresh-brewed Kona coffee." lmao it literally smells like pee almost everywhere

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