Video of lady refusing to put on masks at Toronto hospital goes viral

A woman who posted a video of hospital staff refusing to treat her suspected broken finger because she refused to comply with a mandatory mask policy has …

49 thoughts on “Video of lady refusing to put on masks at Toronto hospital goes viral”

  1. I can’t believe they wouldn’t help you! You’re more important than everyone – don’t they know that? My goodness that sore finger, you poor thing! Did you get a chance to ask about the brain damage you suffered as a result of the trauma to your finger? I really hope you recover from this and I’m sorry our country has let you down in this way. You’ll have the last laugh when the long term damage of oxygen deprivation from wearing a mask is laid to bare. Please have someone with an IQ over 80 explain the irony of this post to you. Good luck!

  2. I say those of us wearing a mask need to really double up and keep up with it and just let these people get what is coming to them… death. Bye Felicia. 👋

  3. Did Miss entitlement ever think about all the other people around her that she may be infecting if she herself was infected? Does she not know by now that you can be infected and not show any symptoms or has she been living under a rock all this time and if so she should go and crawl back under it!!!

  4. She should put a mask on. What about the health care workers right to have a save work place how about the next time you have a surgery the doctor doesn’t wear a mask to protect you from infection. Two way street show some respect.

  5. Wear mask is common sense. Just look at Asians they crushed this because every single person wears one. It’s not about freedom but about being selfless and think about others. True nature of humanity is revealed in this one simple act.

  6. You’re a lowlife, if you don’t wanna wear a mask move to the US where it’s optional and where Pandemic is out of control, what planet do you live on and I noticed your son wasn’t wearing a mask either that poor child I think at this point children’s aid should be called on you for putting your child at risk! And who’s policy is it where have you been do you have any idea where in the middle of a pandemic is your mind and cloud nine you a real simpleton get a grip I hope they slap you with a huge fine

  7. I'm sorry but she is not right at all. I have a health issue where I can easily get this virus and be in very bad shape. If I go to the hospital I dont want to get it so wearing a mask is a must I dont care. People who don't wear a mask just shows how much they care about others

  8. So put on a face diaper and restrict your oxygen which is bad for your immune system, but allows them to take a head count on who will opt for the experimental vaccine because CNN and Tom Hanks said so!

  9. If you are unable to wear a mask they can’t deny you service. File a human rights complaint. It’s on the Ontario human rights code under covid section 12. Look it up

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