21 thoughts on “Visit Dublin –Things To Do and See in Dublin, Ireland”

  1. Don’t go to any of the pubs or storehouses they are tourist traps if u really want to know some culture do a tour of Croke Park, walk down side streets and visit the GPO (1916 rising)

  2. I watched this video to learn about the wonderful ireland people. my husband is ireland and I'm Latin and we have a young child, which I am soooooooo interested to learn and teach him about his wonderful ireland side.

  3. I've come to Dublin some years ago, for a summer English course. I was surprised to see a harp player in the street, really particular and beautiful. Then, the atmosphere, the mostly friendly people! Also the colors of landscapes, cities, Ireland itself are different from Italy, where I come. l'd like to return, one day, and explore better everything.Nice video!

  4. This video definitely doesn't represent Dublin as well as it should. There's a lot more to Dublin than the Guinness storehouse, Temple Bar, Jameson distillery, Stephens green, and Kilmainham jail and Churches!

  5. Needs an update. The other Expedia destination videos are a lot nicer! Things to take in should include some of the suburbs like Killiney, Howth, Dalkey. Cover the Dublin Mountains/Wicklow.

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