Walking around Kukuiula | Koloa Construction Update | KAUAI HAWAII Vacation Tips

This week we are taking you on a walking tour of the Shops at Kukuiula on a Thursday night between 5-6pm to see what’s happening. We also take you to Koloa …

44 thoughts on “Walking around Kukuiula | Koloa Construction Update | KAUAI HAWAII Vacation Tips”

  1. My favorite island. Have been going there for over 20 years. Am sooo sad about what is happening to the citizens of the islands. We all hope this covid19 will have a vaccine to obliterate it from the face if the earth😷🙏🙏

  2. We have a home in Princeville and missing our time in Kauai. We have checked on the Covid Testing and it is a five day turn around time for results, her in Las Vegas. Mahalo for the update.

  3. My wife and I have been fortunate enough to have visited the island of Kauai for 9-10 years; every year since 2015 after retiring in 2014. We stay at Kiahuna Plantation and are so familiar with Kukuiula & Koloa and the rest of the island. Thank you so much for the video & audio to show what it is like at this time; was devastating & unbelievable to watch. It's so hard to believe how empty the sidewalks and streets are, to see the stores closed. We've never seen it like that. On a nice sunny day in the middle of the afternoon, the foot traffic might be a little slow in Kukuiula, but not to see anyone walking around? We have never "not" seen a vehicle diagonally parked on the street in front of the Koloa business area. I am assuming all business areas of Kauai are looking very much like what you have shown in the video.We are also fortunate enough to be able to stay in Kauai for the months of Jan, Feb and Mar (we left early on March 15th because of the virus this year) while the cold winter is in Iowa. We respect the land and the people of Kauai and their traditions. We support the local people at various farmer markets & craft fairs and at restaurants & stores. And we have become friends with several Kauai residents from frequenting these places of business each year. We love your island and hope we are able to return this January. We have flights bought and car rental & condo reserved, but also know we may have to cancel if virus gets worse. From viewing this video, it may well look a lot different than in past years. Out thoughts and prayers are with the Kauai people as we all try to survive this pandemic and look forward to our next return visit to your island. Maholo

  4. Thank you! For letting us know how the island is doing. Is really sad! How kauia is doing. I remember very well how busy it was there and the shops & restaurants. I really hope it gets better soon. Many blessings 🙏 to my favorite island. Thank you take care.

  5. My family and I are hoping to make it out later this year if COVID-19 allows. I saw in one of your videos that you are a helicopter tour pilot. Do you mind if I ask what group your with? We’ve never done a helicopter tour and would like to try one. Thanks

  6. Never watched your channel before. Great vlog. I have a trip the last week of August 2020. I'll have my test done before I get on the plane, and I'll have mask ready to go. Can't wait to come back. This will be my second trip ever to Hawaii. My first was last thanksgiving to Kauia also!

  7. I need some advice please. From anyone here. I grew up there, but have not been HOME in more than 35 years. I really need to come back home. I know right now I can not because of covid. I just would like some advice on what anyone can suggest on what I need to get home. Thank you all.

  8. The 14-day quarantine is being lifted on Aug. 1st ONLY to those who get a NEGATIVE Covid-19 test 72 hours prior to arrival. It remains for those who will not get a test. And those who test positive are not allowed in. You didn't mention Roy Yamaguchi's Eating House 1849, it should be open according to their website. Very glad Lappert's is open, yes, that is most important. LOL. I've been coming to Kaua'i for 33 years. It has a very special place in my heart.

  9. Many are sick of tourists for good reason, now we see how things are without them. Maybe a measured dose of less tourists would work out in the future since so many businesses rely on them to some degree

  10. So sad to see. As a yearly visitor for the past 30 years my heart goes out to all of the business owners and the local people who’ve lost jobs. It’s tragic. I’m praying things can gradually recover but we all need to be mindful of impact of the virus on the island and do our best to conform to requirements during this time. Wear masks people! Only travel in a safe manner according to local requirements.

  11. Wow! We spent two weeks on Kauai in July/August 2019. There was not a day we were there that we saw anything that quiet. Everyone stay safe. We would love to return someday soon.

  12. I gave this a thumbs down. Hawaii was thriving before , during and after tourism. The TRUE locals are going back to traditional ways of trading produce and wild game. Real Hawaiian ways. Those construction sites was once someone's home. Now we have a lot of local homeless and empty hotels. This is not your playground this is our home.

  13. My heart hurts. 15 years of staying on the south side. Purposing to buy local. Best place to go and live healthy. Beautiful air, salt water, sunshine, fresh fruits, fresh veggies, fresh fish, local grass fed beef.

  14. Starting to look like the mainland. Locals acting like rich mainlanders by the day. You scream for safety with face mask but bringing tourists back is not unsafe? Dude. Grow some real farms that can feed family's on the island and stop relying on rich man's fake dollars.

  15. My favourite islands by far are Maui and Kauai. I grew up in a small coastal touristy town and Kauai totally felt like home when I visited. Such peaceful island that isn’t too busy, less developed than the rest of the islands so somehow feels like the real Hawaii:). Thanks for all your amazing videos, stay safe:)

  16. We come to Kauai every summer. Although the 14-day quarantine was due to end on 8/1 (our check-in date) we cancelled due to flight concerns, limited accessibility to health care if we became ill, and the rising COVID cases on the mainland. We will be back!! Already booked for 7/31/21. Please hang in there and stay safe. Aloha and A Hui Hou.

  17. Bad Management from the State politicians. They put all their eggs in one basket, and got rid of the economy to build homes and bring in more people. Now they can reap their rewards. Real Estate.

  18. I will be visiting Kauia for the first time the beginning of August. I have to find a place that can get me covid test results back within 72 hours of testing so we can avoid the 14 day quarantine.

  19. 4th generation born and raised here…other than those in tourism industries…we don't miss any of you haoles…since you come and try impose your life styles on us…if you come, adopt our life style no try make your mainland crap here…

  20. @OHT, thanks for the tour and info around Poipu. It's difficult to see what has happened to business for the island. I've eaten at Merriman's (although we prefer DaCrack and other smaller local eateries) and it's eerie to see no one shopping or just enjoying the area. Our last visit was in 2015 when they had just begun the land clearing for the Old Koloa Town mall, and seeing it almost complete now really does take away from the area. At least new jobs will be created, but it came at a heavy price…My best to you and your fellow residents that you recover as quickly as possible.

  21. We have been to both places have great memories of eating at The Dolphin and checking in for ziplining at Eco Tours in 2018 and 2019 when things were happening and hope and pray things return to normal soon! Mahalo for the tour my friend 🤘

  22. Aloha! It truly is the most beautiful and magical place on the planet. It’s heartbreaking what this pandemic has done, and my hearts and prayers go out to the residents of Kauai. I’m from Canada and we have been coming to your beautiful island for 16 years and stay for 5 weeks in the Poipu area, and enjoy the shopping and enjoying the delicious food from the many restaurants. We are so hopeful that we will be able to come again this upcoming winter. Mahalo!

  23. Had to cancel trip to Poipu in May so hopefully things will be better in Nov. I hope the airlines and hotels will extend our credits if things are still bad.Thank you for your tips.Very sad to see the Islands struggling.Breaks my heart.

  24. Hoping to get there on October had to cancel april this year so praying all goes well for the islands and those there if I need to cancel I will just like us all to be safe

  25. Such a beautiful Island. So serene and relaxing. Praying for all Hawaiians, blessings upon blessings and prayers to all businesses will set to revive this year and years to come. Stay safe and Mahalo!!! 🙏❤️🌸🌺

  26. Thank you for the video! We're booked for our 10 year anniversary in December after coming for the first time last year. The spiritual vibes are definitely extremely present and we just want the Aloha spirit to be preserved forever. I never want Kauai to change so much that it loses the true roots and spirit that it should be known for. Thank you for sharing the video and feedback <3 OHT channel.

  27. We’ve been to Kauai many times and it is our favorite place, specifically the Poipu area! We will return hopefully October time frame or early next year if restrictions allow. Kukui’ula is my favorite shopping spot! Love the video, thank you for all of the info. Good luck and take care Kauai 💜🇺🇸🏝✈️⛳️🍦🌺🍹

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