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Warsaw – The capital of Poland stands today as the product of some of history’s most defining events. Follow us through the city and see all the best spots to visit …

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  1. I have seen the history of Poland and its a very sad one. I almost visited Poland in 2017 but due to time restrictions I couldnt. However, I met a lady from Poland while I visited Iceland who couldnt speak English but there was so much love from her and I liked her. We met a couple of times not able to communicate but all she could give was her love. She spoke Polish while I English. Polish are warm people.

  2. 這是波蘭相當漂亮的國家!而在二次世界大戰德國納粹在此做了幾個集中營刹了六百萬太人看了不禁领人鼻酸太可憐了。

  3. Went to Warsaw for New Years 2020. Definitely the favorite place I've been to. Not just for the architecture, but the rich history, slight air of melancholy, and the resilient spirit of the people!

  4. We (Lithuanians) are used to constantly complain about an oppresion of communism in the past, but we cannot even imagine what have Poles been through… I literally cried watching this video. Hats off to you, brothers.

  5. I was in Warsaw two weeks ago and it's amazing city, of so much diversity. Polish people are kind and safety is on top level. I will visit it again for sure. Greetings from Croatia

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