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Washington D.C. – Take in the many splendors of the nation’s capital. Explore the city with us and start planning a journey of your own! When ready, browse …

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  1. We should create a new capital building based on the Nazi plans for the People’s Hall. A massive dome 1,000 feet tall and as wide as a football field.In addition to a new capital building, I would also build a “White Palace” to replace the White House as the residence of the POTUS. The White House boasts a mere 750,000 square feet while Buckingham Palace boasts two million square feet! I think America should have a bigger palace than Versailles, Buckingham Palace, the Lourve, or that of the Sultan of Brunei. I don’t think we need to tear down the White House to do it. I’m sure we can find the land somewhere in DC to build it. The White Palace would be based on the Führerpalast. I would build a new SCOTUS building with the old SCOTUS building to become the DC Superior Court. It would be based on the Prussian House of Lords building. The current DCSC building will be torn down to make way for the next project.I would also build a monument to the United States Nationalist Party. The Washington Momument is the tallest building in DC. The USNP monument would be even grander! A 600-foot obelisk surrounded by pillars that are 8 stories high and on top of that is a statue of the Chairman of the National Committee of the United States Nationalist Party on a chariot.I would expand the national mall along both sides of the Anacostia River and the expansion would boast many new memorials including a Teacher’s Memorial, a Firefighter’s and EMT’s memorial, a real Law Enforcment Officer’s memorial, a World War 1 memorial.I would transform East Capital, South Capital and North Capital Streets into “Grand Avenues” similar to the Champs Elyess in Paris. At the intersection of South and East Capital would be a new “Arch of Victory” which would be ten times the size of the Arch De Truimph in Paris. East Capital Street and North Capital Street would be expanded to eight-lane streets.I would also build a 100,000 seat Olympic-Size stadium with a retractable roof which would be used for regular American football season games, the Super Bowl, the Olympic Games and concerts. In addition, I would build a new soccer stadium and keep DC United in DC. The Olympic Stadium would be built on the grounds of the RFK stadium after it is torn down.Of course new public facilities will be built throughout the city. We would have to build a United States Police Force station, fire stations, support and administrative facilities, schools, libraries, and affordable housing for our civil servants, military personnel, teachers, police officers, firefighters, EMT’s, and health care workers.We would also have a few new freeways running through and around our nation’s capital. I-95 would run all the way though DC. I-266 and the 3-sisters bridge would be built. I would also build the Outer Beltway, the Washington Bypass, the Inter-County Connector, and the Techway.However, we must also improve mass transit around Washington DC. I would have Metro extended all the way out to Lessburg and Manassas in Virginia. Metro would operate 24-7 and have express trains at some points of the day. I would also build cable car, street car, and monorail systems in and around DC.Aside from the rebuilding, I would also have Arlington and Alexandria, Virginia given back to Washington DC and restore DC to its 100 square mile area.

  2. There are not so many African capital cities or important cities on Expedia why? Please for the sake of we Africans explore our cities there are so much to learn and showcase. Thanks

  3. The 3 things I would do if I go to Washington D.C is checking out the graveyard with the people who sacrifice themselves for America. I also want to go to the museum about the spy gears. Lastly, I will go to the cafe because I wonder if they bake muffins. I like the video because it is very informational and important. It's important because it non-fiction and the video is helpful for people who want to go to Washington D.C.

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