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Wellington – Welcome to the southernmost capital city in the entire world. Trust us it’s well worth the trip! Check out the top spots in the city, here. When ready …

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  1. Would love to go back to Wellington one day ❤ stayed for a while in Roseneath last time and just loved watching the sun set, seeing the city lights and watching the ferry coming and going ❤

  2. Nice ☺. We (my husband Lord Grünwald and I) have been talking about relocating to Wellington. It looks like an awesome city. Not too big, not too small. Do New Zealanders like Canadians?

  3. From Wellington city, take a 50 minute trip to Porirua to meet some of the most notorious members of the world famous Mongrel Mob 🤣😂😂

  4. The 78th World Science Fiction Convention, ConZealand, or simply Worldcon as it’s better known by fans, will be in Wellington in 2020. We’re planning on being there, and this video really confirms some of the places we intend to visit.

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