We’re to travel this winter

Who has never dreamt of spending Christmas under the sun and receiving the New Year in flip-flops and a swimsuit? Ask the Three Wise Men to fulfill your wish with a little advance and travel to one of these warm destinations in winter.

Surely you’ve behaved very well all year and you deserve a holiday of sun and beach. Make it known to your majesties and ask for your gift in advance. Take advantage of the Christmas holidays to escape to one of these warm destinations for December where the temperature doesn’t drop below 20 degrees.

1. Morocco

Just a few hours away by plane, you will enjoy the heat of North Africa. Fez and Marrakech are two of the most recommended cities, as the life of its souks and the beauty of the medinas will surprise you.

2. Cape Verde

Sun and beach are confirmed throughout the year in the Atlantic archipelago. Each of its ten islands has charming corners, colorful houses and truly virgin beaches. It is also a highly recommended place for surfing.

3. Gran Canaria

In the Canary Islands spring temperatures prevail throughout the year, so it´s a highly recommended warm destination for December. Don´t miss the dunes of Maspalomas, the natural parks of the island and try the famous “papas arrugás” with the local sauce called mojo picón.

4. Tunisia

Take advantage of the mild climate of Tunisia to discover its beaches, visiting the medina in flip-flops or taking a trip to the Sahara desert under the sun. Another advantage of this destination is that Christmas is considered low season, so the trip will be cheap.

5. India

The state of Goa will allow you to enjoy wonderful days of sun and beach at a more than pleasant temperature. Dare to leave Europe behind and discover a totally different culture.

6. Madeira

This Atlantic island is a true natural paradise of green mountains and hidden beaches. The climate remains temperate throughout the year and the water temperature oscillates at 20 degrees … perfect to be swimming all day!

7. Australia

If you have enough days to give yourself a good vacation, go to the other side the world to enjoy the summer of the southern hemisphere in Australia. Be also one of the first to welcome 2018… from the beach!

8. Thailand

The beaches of Thailand are a true paradise with tropical climate. In this time of the year the heat is less suffocating and there are, in general, fewer tourists. Take the opportunity to visit this beautiful country.

9. Dubai

The destination where they rain or cold don’t exist. Take the opportunity to visit the city, contemplate the tallest building in the world and immerse yourself in the luxury of the Arab Emirates.

10. Jordan

Another warm destination to escape to during winter, especially for those who seek sun, sea and desert. Take the opportunity to visit the famous city of Petra and the red desert of Wadi Rum.

11. South Africa

In the African continent it´s always summer. We recommend you travel south to South Africa to enjoy an incredible Christmas vacation. You will find the best beaches in the area of ??Port Elizabeth, Knysna and along the so-called Garden Route.

12. Mauritius

This wonderful island bathed by the Indian Ocean is the best option to totally disconnect and leave behind your coat and wool sweaters. Its climate is temperate, although during the winter months there are winds that are ideal for surfing or kiting.

13. Mexico

Riviera Maya and Cancun will welcome you with a pleasant temperature, a paradisiacal landscape and the best beaches to lie under the sun and, simply, do nothing. Consider this option if what you need is a good dose of relaxation.

14. Cuba

Havana, Santiago de Cuba, Trinidad, Camaguey … enjoy the good weather and get charmed by the wonderful Cuban culture, a wonderful destination to visit in December. You won’t want to go back home!

15. Egypt

Winter is the best time to visit Egypt because in summer the temperatures are almost unbearable. Complete your dream of discovering the Ancient Egyptian Empire, navigating the Nile and visiting the famous pyramids.

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