What to Do in Los Cabos, Mexico | 36 Hours Travel Videos | The New York Times

Two towns, rowdy Cabo San Lucas to the west and quieter San José del Cabo to the east, bookend a 20-mile tourist corridor known as Los Cabos. Subscribe on …

50 thoughts on “What to Do in Los Cabos, Mexico | 36 Hours Travel Videos | The New York Times”

  1. Went to Cabo and it was beautiful, great vacation but almost ruined by dishonest time shares sales people. They approached us upon arrival at the airport claiming to be from government tourism promoters. Left me with a sour taste of Cabo.

  2. I have been to Puerta Vallarta, It was amazing and I find it really safe. I walked from the bar to my hotel at 3am and nothing was concerning. I am planning to visit her. looks really cool. Mexico is such a dynamic country and people are generally nice and friendly. And the food is delish!

  3. I just got back yesterday from spending a week in los Cabos. It was worth every penny. Beautiful sights, delicious food and gorgeous women. I had never been anywhere tropical before and I was very pleased with everything. I didn’t want to leave.. I’ll definitely return someday. Left a little bit of my heart there.

  4. In my opinion basically is a nice place, the people is awesome, but the prices and some of worker take advantage, like taxis and rental car y some of the restaurant and of course people that are at the activities. Most of them they want to make sure you spend more than you suppose to

  5. Seen nothing much to do there in City Cabo San Lucas.Except eat and drink at hotel getting fat.Sun burn get skin cancer, no thanks.I rather go to Costa Rica or Guatemala more fun and things to do trust me

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