Where Is The Best Place To Live In Berlin? – Life in Berlin

Which districts in Berlin are the most livable? What kind of people usually live there? And what’s the best and worst characteristics about them. Find out in this …

24 thoughts on “Where Is The Best Place To Live In Berlin? – Life in Berlin”

  1. After waiting for months you finally uploaded this video and it is really good. hell yes, we want a video about the places outside the rings. love your content!!!!!!

  2. "U gotta be careful because u will spend most of your time in your district since some of them could be 45 mins away!" Me, an Argentinian who took 45 mins to go to school every day even tough I live near by the capital… hahahPs: I love Berlin I'll try to go to study a semester there❤

  3. What I always hear from people about where to live in Berlin is West side of Berlin. Many recommend people to look for a place in the west side. We used to stay in the east side of Berlin but I think West still feels safer and livable

  4. I have a suggestion for you to go from kiez to kiez in more detail. 10min episodes with some history and urban legends. Maybe similar to this guy as inspiration.

  5. Nobody (aka expats) wants to live outside the S-Bahn ring because that's were the Berliners live who have been priced out by small town Germans ("Provinzler") and expats moving to the city.

  6. Alright Radical great video I hope all is good, I have a quick question for you what is your thoughts on when the likes of Tresor, Golden gate etc open up i read something after October 24th? Also will Ipse open up again after been burnt down 👍

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