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Yosemite – an American story unlike any other. Follow us through the national park from its high country to its waterfalls, its towering sequoia groves to its valley …

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  1. I go to Yosemite all the time and it is pretty and the hikes are fun, but outside of the meadows there are NO easy hikes. It's a real work out. But as pretty as it is, it doesn't come close to the spiritual nature of the Grand Canon. Yosemite is beautiful to all the senses but the Grand Canon touches your soul forever once you have hiked rim to rim. Truly love them both.

  2. Wow subhanallah..i've been to queenstown NZ i thought it was yhe onlh place like heaven but now i see another heaven. I hope i can go to yosemite someday if i have enough saving

  3. ah, i miss yosemite, it is one of the most dazzling places on earth. the views, the sounds, the smells, absolutely stunning. i felt like i was in a storybook standing atop of glacier point

  4. I started a store that sells t-shirts, phone cases, stickers, sweaters, and more and 10% of the proceeds go towards helping restore our parks trails and wildlife! I appreciate any and all feedback the website is project conservation . co (no spaces).

  5. I visited Yosemite many times, but what I can tell Yosemite is more beautiful than it is shown in the video.. No matter how advanced cameras we get there is something that only human eyes can capture.P.S On a mission to tour/camp all the NP..

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