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  1. I just need to lockdown a comfortably high five or low six figure salary in political science or social science research, and I'll sign any of the 1 million forms required to move to Switzerland.

  2. Zurich is probably the best "transit" city I've ever been to. Is it expensive?: Hell yeahIs it overrated? Hell noHow expensive is it? I paid 11 franc for a 12oz glass of still water and a ham & cheese sandwich (slice/cut diagonally, and only one slice of the cut sandwich) for 12.00 franc. If I made at least $90,000 a year (net), I'd move to Zurich (or really anywhere else in Switzerland) in a heartbeat.Until then, I'll just visit it from time to time lol.

  3. It reminds me of Geneva, but without the cool places like CERN or the United Nations. Nevertheless, we'll probably go there too. Switzerland is awesome in general; very clean, beautiful and nice overall, as well as pricey, but worth it!

  4. Let's follow the example of Japan and Australia and so many other countries where they do not have to pay for good customer service, shall we? It's been said in the video that Swiss people has a high income so much that they do not even complain about the expensive prices of food, taxi, hotels etc.. So, why give tip on top of their already high wages? That does not make sense. They are already being well paid, not at all in disadvantage.

  5. Thank you. I just got to know Swiss is not a part of EU, I can not leave the Europe from Swiss using my Schengen Visa. Thanks for that. The ticket is almost booked.

  6. How do I get to go to Switzerland? It has been my childhood dream. How do I make so much money that I can travel luxuriously to the richest countries in the world. I also want to go to Luxembourg, but how do I do that? Please please help me.

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