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Adelaide – One of Australia’s most striking cities. The South Australian capital has the perfect combination of big-city living and outdoor beauty. Check out the …

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  1. I never knew Adelaïde was that beautiful. I was afraid to leave France and its European architecture but I guess a city like Adelaïde is a perfect blend of traditionnal and modern buildings so I would feel really well there. Maybe someday, if my husband agrees, we will go for good 🙂

  2. I suggest coming here in our summer season and take your kids on a strawberry picking at the beerenburg strawberry farm near harndorf in the Adelaide hills or Melba's Chocolate Factory. During winter we'll Adelaide has library's museums and art galleries to explore but it's still kinda boring in winter the city is so focus on its summer places not much to do in winter.

  3. Australia is the most exquisite country, I really fascinated to live and work in Aussizz. Moreover, they are protecting nature in incredible ways also have many alluring tall buildings.

  4. WE NEED URGENT HELP IN SOUTH AUSTRALIA THERE IS A LARGE AMOUNT OF HIDDEN CORRUPTIONAND NO ONE WILL LOOK INTO COMPLAINTS MADE TO THEM PLEASE HELP US WE DON'T WANT YOUR MONEY WE JUST NEED YOUR POWER AND KNOWLEDGE TO FIGHT THEM WE WANT JUSTICE WE WANT IT NOW NO JUSTICE NO PEACE) CATHY TAYLORthis woman is useless she just steals children from their families by using corrupt misleading information just, so she can place your kids with gay couples THE DEPARTMENT OF CHILD PROTECTION SOUTH AUSTRALIAis corrupt disrespectful rude and no one that has any power or in the government will do anything about it as they are too scared, they will get their name and reputation destroyed as they care more about their name reputation and money than they do about children therefore innocent children are stolen from their reliable safe trustworthy family only to be placed at high risk of sexual assault and abuse by gay couples or their accomplices / friends. It's time to protest block major roads' government departments and don't back down till someone does something enough is enough also, for the aboriginal people of south Australia the stolen generation as not stopped it’s just hidden behind red tape the police are still using corrupt information and giving it to the department of child protection, so they can use corrupt and misleading information in the court procedure just, so theycan steal your kids from you. All I am asking is if they want to start a war let’s start a war that the world will never forget let’s pull them down off their throne's and destroy them and show them and their corruption to the world let's put them in the light for the whole world to see how corrupt they are and what they are doingto the weak and vulnerable how they set family’s up to fail and destroy their lives and their children's lives. It makes me so angry when people can fight for same sex marriage or to safe some sports oval, but they won't fight for children or loving caring families that are being destroyed by the lies and the false misleading allegations that they use to destroy families, so they can get rich and feed your kids to same sex couple that can’t have kids.I Volunteer to be the first person upfront in the protest to stop this crap once and for all but without the rest of you I have no powerso, what are you waiting for get your friends family neighbours and their friends and family let’s all get together in Adelaide city and knockon their door and show them we count.We are here and will not back down till we get full justice,the law stands up for them but when we need the law it lets us down the system is corrupt. (WE WANT JUSTICE WE WANT IT NOW NO JUSTICE NO PEACE)

  5. I have returned from Australia after 6 months spent in Adelaide. I lived in UK for 11 years and thought it would be nice to settle in Oz, have a nice house , good weather close to the ocean etc. So after 3 years I got state sponsored visa and had to go to Adelaide (I wanted to go to Brisbane initially). Well, I lasted 6 months lol. I worked there, bought 2 cars (for me and my wife), rented a newly built house, bought furniture and did everything in reverse after couple of months time. In short, the reasons were: lack of culture, weird people – a lot mentally ill, depressed , and no chance to have any conversation, empty streets even though I was 5km from city centre, driving , driving and driving.. no motorways, speed limits 60kmh, long time to get to work, traffic, chinese everywhere, no mot for cars, bad roads, pollution, expensive cars, everything expensive, sun burns your skin even when 20C, loud birds as crazy as people lol , low quality restaurants – couldn't find any decent curry or thai as in UK, lack of fashion, radio played only songs from 70s, town was stuck in 70-80s, old buildings, old people everywhere, all young ones left to look for jobs interstate. Need to go to offices in person to do most of the jobs instead of doing it online, for example car registration. Good points – fresh tasty fruit . I wouldn't consider this place even for retirement, too boring. This is purely about Adelaide, I haven't visited anywhere else.

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