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Busan – from mountains to sea to the city’s palpable vitality, join us as we explore the world this popular South Korean vacation spot. Check out all the places we …

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  3. Although I am from Seoul, I truly love the city with its wonderful scenery and beaches. And even though it is only about 5 hour drive from Seoul, its climate is much milder in the winter and rarely snows.

  4. So this is where Jungkook was born , I'm in love!!Love you South Korea 💙Love you BTS 💜Love you Jungkook 💗- an army from India who loves South Korea so so so much not just because of KPOP but it's culture , people , language , and everything! Saranghae SK 💓💓

  5. Busan is where many South Koreans lived during the Korean War. Because many poor people gathered in a small town, roads and buildings were built without planning. So many places in Busan are still not organized. However, it is the historic city where the past and present South Korea coexist. The remains and relics of the ancient kingdom of Silla still remain, and the lives of the poor South Koreans shortly after the Korean War. And there is also a developed image of South Korea. I hope you won't be disappointed even if there's something worse than you think. That is also part of Korean history.

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