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Lisbon – Welcome to the capital of Portugal. Explore the hilly streets of this coastal city and take in the rich culture here. Check out the top spots to visit.

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  1. Just a little reminder. At minute three the narrator says "Pastel de Nata", but in the images the "Pastel de Belém" appears, which are different in both taste and smell. That is why the prices are different too and it is only sold in the Belém area at that factory. You can't find it anywhere else in Lisbon or in the world. I recommend to see the history of Pastel de Belém. Anyway great video, great city, Lisbon is great in all points of vew.

  2. Adoro antiguidades e acho Portugal um país lindo, fico pensando na mudança que vem ocorrendo na cidade de Lisboa, se algum dia ela perderá as características antigas.

  3. Hello people! I'm a European Portuguese teacher and I teach online. If you are interested in learning Portuguese, feel free to send me a message. Thank you very much and stay safe!

  4. Visited Lisbon in summer 2019. Was absolutely spellbound by the hilltop views of the city and by the castles in Sintra. And those egg tarts were crazy addictive. The tile work on the walls of the buildings in Lisbon (as well as Porto) are absolutely gorgeous. There's a lot of steep hills to navigate so bring good walking shoes, but so compact that you can cover lots of ground in a short time. And the seafood in Lisbon is top notch (and super affordable). I saw shockingly few American tourists there compared to elsewhere in western Europe, but was warmly received by every Lisboeta I encountered. Portugal is truly the most underrated European country I've been to thusfar.

  5. everyone mentions venice, paris and prague when they think of the most beautiful cities in europe. why didnt i ever hear about lisbon. definitely should be on the top 10 most beautiful cities in europe

  6. "Top 10 Takeaways" from our January trip to Lisbon Portugal.1. Accommodation: It is impossible to find a mid level priced hotel. Like our other trips, Air B&B' s are a good option; however, be prepared for chilly nights and mornings as most places have heaters but are not insulated. The Canadians were cold…yes we said it.2. Walking: Lisbon is built on 7 hills, so if you plan on walking the touristy streets along the Baixa, Bairro Alto, and St. George Castle area, get in shape. Kim and I are avid walkers of 10K steps per day, and we found it tough and exhausting.3. Transportation: Like our last trip, the Hop On And Off is always a great way to see the lay of the city. The subway's are super easy. Get a Viva Card and load it with about 10 Euros. That should cover you for some basic subway time. Yes, it even goes to the airport. There are two styles of tram cars. The older tram 28 takes you right up to St. George Castle and is always packed. Tuk Tuk's are also available. Negotiate with the driver during low season.4. Shopping/Fashion was good. Had taller type sizes for Kim and I . There are many Mercado's or markets on every corner selling fruits, veggies and inexpensive wine.5. Dining out: prices were not as cheap as I have seen on YT. Perhaps by Canadian standards, but after living in Adana for 5 months we found it more moderate than cheap. Good variety of international foods. You can only eat so much salted cod. Dinner does not start till at at least 7…even takeout pizza places do not open their doors till then. Restaurants do not usually sell chicken as it is considered a 'home' meal, so it is not on their menu.6. Sites: Explore the Baixa area with caution. It is a tourist area with all its trappings. High pressure hosts soliciting your business, people soliciting drugs (use is decriminalized), selling sunglasses, bracelets and the balloon lady wrapping a heart balloon around your head hoping to get a euro out of you.7. Architecture: Beautiful tiling everywhere. Look down and look up.8. Language: The amount of English was fantastic. Our tour guide was amazing. Unlike Spain where they dub Spanish voices over English TV shows, TV in Portugal has a lot of English programs with Portuguese subtitles only.9. Yes, pastry shops are everywhere. The custard tarts (Pastel de Nata) are awesome.10. Private tours are great. Go to Sintra, wear your Nike's, and experience the many shops, boutiques and the Pena Palace.Overall, it was a great trip. Little chilly, but fewer tourists.Wayne and Kim Peeters

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