Myrtle Beach is open in July 2020! Come with us for a relaxing morning at the beach swimming, looking for seashells, strolling along the Golden Mile on the …

22 thoughts on “MYRTLE BEACH | THE BEACH IS OPEN JULY 2020!”

  1. Me and my graduate pals are going to myrtle beach soon for a week stay, these are up to date and very informative of what to do and expect there, thank you guys🤙

  2. Myrtle Beach is definitely my favorite family vacation destination. We try to go every other year. We are going a month from today and I am so excited. I keep watching your videos on repeat because I cannot contain my excitement. After watching so many of your videos I feel like I'm friends with the two of you. I want to take time to comment just to let you know how much I appreciate your videos. I love when you walk around and show us what's open and what's going on and I also love when you just quietly let us listen to the ocean. You both do a great job! So happy you're my new friends😉🎉 I also loved watching the baby Cardinals and your other video. Again you guys do a great job and I look forward to every video you put out.

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