New Normal After Lockdown – London Soho Friday Evening / 4K London Walk

Three months have passed since UK was locked down due to COVID-19. Pubs and restaurants were allowed to reopen in England two weeks ago. Today we …

50 thoughts on “New Normal After Lockdown – London Soho Friday Evening / 4K London Walk”

  1. Absolute disgrace to see the Local Council funded by the Rate Payer has allowed these fast food establishments put their tables right in the middle of a Public Walkway and causing a Major Obstruction for pedestrians especially those that are incapacitated and need to navigate through these Death Traps at great risk to themselves just so the owners can make more money, usually by overcharging.

  2. Bonjour Sanpo, j'aime trop cette balade et ce quartier de Soho. Nous avions dîner à Kingsly Court en 2018. Quel endroit super, et toutes les rues de Soho, toujours vivantes, conviviales, malgré les soucis du Covid-19. Je ne sais pas si les londoniennes et londoniens seraient pour un quartier sans voitures, en tout cas de temps en temps ce serait génial d'en faire des lieux comme on le voit dans ta super vidéo. Finir dans le square de Soho avec ce pique nique géant, trop cool. Merci Sanpo, toujours très agréable de te suivre. A très vite 👍🏽🤩🌞💛

  3. コロナウイルスの影響で、自粛により家にいなければならないので、こうしたお散歩しているような映像はほんとに気分が和みます。10,000kmも離れたロンドンの街並み、すっごく見ていて楽しいです☆彡

  4. That tapas bar at the beginning is ridiculous! People are literally squashed up back to back, and you are supposed to be 1m+ from other tables, yet they are less than half a metre. Outrageous that businesses are willing to put staff and customers at risk for increased profit.

  5. It’s all so strange in one way, given all that we have been through these past few months and of course, I do welcome the return to normal, even if it is a new normal – living in Manchester myself, I’m just hoping that the travel restrictions home to Ireland will be lifted soon, as living alone, I’m 50 in October and I’m seriously missing my family just outside of Dublin – I’m finding ways to keep in touch with them, as it’s now becoming clear that the Irish government restrictions are a little over-cautious for people like myself wanting to come home to Ireland who live alone in the U.K. and who take full precautions when we do go out in the U.K. 🇮🇪☘️🇬🇧❤️🌈

  6. I miss London so much! And everyone's dressed in summer gear looking relaxed. Do you not have to social distance over there anymore ? We are in a second lockdown in Melbourne, Australia. Stay safe everyone!

  7. これだけ多くの人が出歩いているのに、アジア系の人は誰もいませんね😲💦Sanpoさんカメラを片手に目立ってそうw

  8. Hello SanpoNice walk. Seems to be more and more people out. Are the streets closed every night so they can open more patio space. Almost 2000 subscribers now. Loved the car was it an Austin Martin? Take Care Chris and Sandra of Canada.

  9. What an amazing site, all those familiar streets, looking not so familiar at all. Under normal circumstances I would say this is great, close the streets to traffic, and put out the chairs and tables, it makes for a lovely relaxed summer atmosphere. But we all know this has come about through necessity and not desire. It's great to see that the restaurant and pub owners are being so resourceful and enterprising, we can only hope that by winter we have a vaccine.

  10. great walk, great people are getting out and great they dont wear masks and dont believe the silly stuff any longer. you will see in a few days, there wont be more cases …

  11. Sad sad people no ones got a mask on not even two metres apart when sat at the tables …..don't there care or what if there catch coronvirus .😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠

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