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Ottawa – This Ontario city is where you’ll find charming old-world buildings surrounded by picturesque natural beauty. Check out our amazing footage of …

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  1. You forgot to mention the biggest tourist attraction, the world famous McDonald's on 99 Rideau Street! Good food, gladiator battles, live animals & sometimes even free drugs, it's a once in a lifetime experience!

  2. You forgot the "Squeeze in the O train that is delayed for 20 minutes in the morning commute" part. Good video btwAnd I know this was made before the train

  3. Truly, last statement won my heart. Canada has everything from lush green forest to snow clad mountains. In short, Canada has nature in it's pristine form. Love Canada from India ❤🙂

  4. Ottawa, the city where 1/2 of Discovering was born! We always visit friends and family and we love to go back! A great tip for visitors is to visit Ottawa during the "Ottawa Tulip Festival", which gives lots of colours and fun to the city, where tourists will find lots of events going on too!

  5. For anyone who says Ottawa is boring, please understand any city is boring if you dont go out to do stuff. While cities like Toronto and Montreal have very in-your-face flashy attractions, in Ottawa you have to venture a little deeper to discover some really cool things. There are so many cool places to visit that just aren’t obvious, but once you find them you’ll truly feel fulfilled!

  6. Waaaay too cold in the winter and it lasts waaaay too long. November-April almost no exceptions. January and February unbearably cold. Cost of living is reasonable but the fact that half the year is dark, gloomy, dirty, nothing to do, and freezing cold is a deal breaker as far as long term living.

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