Taking it gradual + saying goodbye to the vlogs | Life in Singapore

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  1. I discovee something that works for me(pimples). First clean face with wipes and than apply hand sanitizer on face and rub . Sometimes the black/white heads will come off immidoayely .It really works for me.

  2. Swear to God we are paying the exact same for Netflix and on top of that with GST only to get interior titles. It's the stupidest thing. It's like the snapdragon and exynos saga. So now we have to spend more on a VPN just to have the actual quality that the Americans get.

  3. I also encountered bad acne due to surgical mask on my chin and left quite a bad black spot after that. I don't have breakout after changed the surgical mask brand or recycle mask.

  4. Hahah the way you two explained the last bit was so typically British … lots of clarifications and 'it's not a bad thing' – I'm sure most people, especially Singaporeans, would understand your decision

  5. I think there is a copper lined face mask sold by Singapore Airlines at the Kris Shop. Aunt of mine got one and she said it was not bad… though it isn't cheap, as masks go. Re-usable though!

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