The Power of LOVE! How the Poor Filipinos Love Each Other? Travel to Philippines. Life in Poverty

Again, thank you very much to all who contribute to our cause. To anyone who wants to contribute: Contribute through our campaign page. Our GoFundMe …

46 thoughts on “The Power of LOVE! How the Poor Filipinos Love Each Other? Travel to Philippines. Life in Poverty”

  1. Again, thank you very much to all who contribute to our cause.

    To anyone who wants to contribute: Contribute through our campaign page.
    Our GoFundMe account:

    You can also contribute through paypal.
    Our paypal account is:

    We need your continued support…..

    Our facebook group page:

    Click the link to see more films like this one:

    E-mail us at:

    We need your continued support so we can continue this humble program of ours.
    We need people like you so we can reach poor Filipino families, one at a time.

    I've been helping and reaching my fellow Filipinos for more than a decade, since 2006, but without recording it on film.
    I just decided to film the activities we do in 2015 to spread awareness.
    This time guys: I need your help. I need your helping hands to give joy to Filipino families, one at a time.

    How it works:
    Your contribution goes straight to the individual/family we reach/help.
    After we reached/helped 1 individual/family: We then move on to help another.
    Our objective is to reach 1 economically poor individual/family, one at a time.

    Thank you very much…


  2. Hello, you are the one with whom you are helping, it makes me cry because I'm going to have the hard time that their family would have been the one that we would be in the same day until 😢😭 #GODBLESS YOU ALL… AMEEN!!!

  3. More action,less rubbish talk, i have seen the documentary of your sick groups, talk talk shit, and less action, just for your shit YouTuber vedio, your make a scam this poor people, if you want to help ask the that Dick duterte

  4. Is sorry THE gaverment not give money to ech Evry kids to familj. Like we do in Sweden. Sweden gaverment give 1000 plus for ech Evry kids. = 5000 plus pesio.

  5. Hw is her dad coping with her 3 kids? They may be starving also…..she need to gv some of her groceries to them. I don't get it they knw they cnt provide but they keep on having children….. then cry and say they feel sorry for them…..thts the part I hate. Just bloody stop having children pleaseeeeeeeee. Yes uneducated but um they still hv a brain to know from right or wrong. Surely bringing more children into this miserable life is not the right thing to Do! So happy when I hear Caesar and sister giving good advice in past videos …..not to hv anymore children.! Thank you Caesar and sisters for helping the poor- you guys are awesome! Stay safe always- watching fr New Zealand 😄

  6. The pagpag part of the video really moved me. It is so true that there is enough food to feed everyone in the world, but there is so much waste on the part of the haves, but nothing for the have-nots. There must be a way we can recycle food worldwide in order to stop hunger.

  7. Kaya daw nya buhayin mga anak nya tapos naririnig k puro wla kaming pambili kasi wlang pera ultimo pambili sabon panlaba minsan kung sino p yong hirap s buhay yon p yong anak ng anak

  8. That's so rude when you guys put that woman down you guys had no right to tell someone she shouldn't have any more kids it's her business whether we like it or not? she make the right choice for her father to take care of the other 3 rather than a stranger's .

  9. Sir Mark and Mam Rhea and to all the donors maraming salamat sa pagtulong nyo sa mga nangangailangan🙏🏻😇God bless your Family🥰❤️

  10. ay mali nmn ikw ate sabi mo kaya mo buhayin anak mo pero binigay mo sa tatay mo at cya ang bumuhay sa maliliit mo anak..tpos ngyn my anak ka pasa iba na 2 tpos nahihirapan pa buhayin minsan nkaka inis ung ganito na d kaya buhayin mga bata pero anak ng anak pa..tpos walang sariling lupa para trabahuin..minsan tayo dn ang gumagawa ng kapalaran tayo kung puso at oan sariling kaligayahan lng ang sinusunod..ayan mga bata ang nakakawawa..buhay nga nmn…

  11. This is exactly why I can’t support this group. These people are doing nothing to help themselves! They aren’t so ignorant that they don’t realize how they get pregnant. Don’t support them and maybe they’ll learn

  12. Caro Mark!….le vere rivoluzioni non sono e non possono mai essere pacifiche. Queste sono utopie da sognatore. Bisogna che venga pagato un prezzo, ma il successo merita che questo prezzo venga pagato, anche se salato…..Le rivoluzioni riuscite hanno richiesto sempre grandi bagni di sangue……

  13. At least masipag mag tanim ng gulay ok yan saka kahit sa plastic ng soft driks pwede kasi sa gilid gilid wag mag tiwala kasi ang mga kalalakihan sa pinas ugali ang mag wiwi sa tabi tabi pero good job ate ang god bless

  14. Bro I just dont get why they cant control themselves or maybe use something to protect their private parts so that they wont have so many babies .

  15. Maybe u guys need to go to the province and do some talk about family planning bcos lots of couples have 5-8 kids which is contiune to increase poverty population.

  16. Sometimes cash is counted out in front of the camera and other times kept secret in an envelope, Why? We donors want to know how much cash is being donated, not a secret.

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