Vehicle Mounted Magnets to Clean up Corrals

Today we test an idea of a magnet, mounted to the gator that can be used to clean up hardware lost around the ranch. Order Jerky, Clothing, Whiskey Glasses …

39 thoughts on “Vehicle Mounted Magnets to Clean up Corrals”

  1. Another $10 solution to a $2 problem. D'ja ever think that if you took the time you spent making a 60" magnet you could ride on and just went out and walked with the 30"er you would have done a better job and be back at building the fence?Mike- You Do You and more power to ya. Seems to be working: lots of subscribers- well, minus one. I grew up on a farm and it's just too painful to keep watching you fumble around doing things the hard way. Though I do admit I'm curious to see how you will get water into that new chicken pen when you put the waterer in the middle and no gate. Guess you'll get good at vaulting. Or at fixing your pants. Bye…

  2. When you first put the magnets together, I was thinking putting a bolt in would have got them closer. Then when you cut the axle, (allthread) I cringed a little thinking, no wheel going back on there. Really nice idea though. Sure beats bending over and swinging a handheld magnet. Another interesting and informative video. Keep them coming.

  3. The magnet idea is already used by the trucking industry They are hung in front of "Yard dogs" the specialized trucks that are used for moving trailors around the yard.

  4. 1. Rivit an aluminum strongback to. the front or back side to remove the bow. 2. place a skid in place of the wheel at each end so it travels at a more uniform distance from the ground.

  5. Just looking at your design, my thought would be to put a front tire from a push lawn mower in the center to compensate for the sag and keep them level. Great work though. Love seeing the changes on the ranch with all the improvements and upkeep.

  6. I use a wood broom handle with round neodymium magnets and on the end are Rollerblade wheels. I pull behind atv in dry lake bed hunting meteorites .

  7. Hey Mike on your magnet why don't you put the other two wheels in the center of both of them that way you have three points of contact on the ground and it should keep her from sagging and bowing

  8. Excellent project. I'd keep those magnets on as often as possible. Avoiding a screw or nail in a cows hoof could prevent a catastrophic and costly situation. Not to mention what one of those nails or screws could do to a tractor or four wheeler tire. Time well spent.

  9. Even before you sped the film speed up, I was thinking that maybe you need to drive a little slower so that the medals have a chance to adhere to it more

  10. We get to keep Peanut and Goliath right? We'll pay for their upkeep. Just let them loose with the cows and let us say hello with every video. Pleeeeeeease.

  11. You have done so much with so little for so long,You are now qualified to do everything with nothing. BravoDrag those rusty screws across a bar of hand soap to aid reinsertion.Thanks for sharing, Mike

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