WOW Air Travel Guide Application-ROME

This is my video application to be a content creator for WOW Airlines. As a passionate videographer, photographer, and traveler, working for WOW Airlines …

18 thoughts on “WOW Air Travel Guide Application-ROME”

  1. I'm Italiano and this is not the authentic way to introduce Rome City. Still Tourist outlook, and totally incorrect. I've found your video on random, as i was looking for video about my own city and as italian im disappointed.

  2. This video is great!You're the main reason I won't apply for this contest anymore, I realized I have so much more to learn. Still, you inspired me.I hope you will win, you deserve it ! Crina

  3. Wow man, nice montage, a good rhythm, well syncronized music. I really liked it and I really think that your is one of the best entries of the the contest. The fact that you have included many other places in your montage, it's very good and it demonstrate that you are a real traveller. I never got bored watching this video. I really would like to have an opinion about my last two videos, the montages that I've made for Sofia and Plovdiv, two bulgarian cities. Keep up the good work man, I think that I will watch other videos from your channel. I can see the true passion here.

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