49 thoughts on “York, England: Medieval England’s Second City”

  1. Just stumbled across this, that's me ringing Great Peter, the bell, all 10.75 tons of it. I haven't seen this since visiting Rick Steve's studios near Seattle in 2008, a year or two after this was filmed, where they made me very welcome.

  2. Nice video. A lot of people missing the point in the comments about the title; as it says, it was medieval England's second city – the most important after London for much the medieval period, very wealthy, and significant administratively, strategically and religiously. Birmingham and Manchester were nowhere in the period Rick Steves is talking about.

  3. I absolutely love York and try my hardest go yearly with my mother – we're going next week for her birthday…honestly, our best days have been spent in that beautiful city, looking at the art, learning the history and enjoying the supernatural side – as well as a few of the bars 🙂 our favourite being the red lion…honestly, its an amazing place to go to

  4. Very fascinating . . . thanks for a great video. York is a wonderful city and as somebody who has visited it previously I would highly recommend others do. It's a wonderful city to walk around, however, if you're driving through like I did in one of http://4x4vehiclehire.co.uk/4×4-hire-york/'s vehicles it is still as wonderful. It's got a population of over 205,000 and they really are a wonderfully welcoming bunch.

  5. People will argue Birmingham or Manchester as the 2nd city, but it still doesn't alter the fact that York is much more picturesque and interesting than either of those two cities.  I would recommend York to anyone who hasn't visited yet.

  6. I had the pleasure of taking a 3 week trip through Enlgand, Scotland and Ireland this summer and York was my favorite city of all that I visited.  North England, Northumberland, Hadrian's Wall, was my most favorite region.  Don't miss it!  …on a side note, for those on a budget, realize that visiting any of these large churches is quite expensive.  They are all very beautiful, but access to each is anywhere from $20-$30 per person in US dollars.

  7. I realised after watching this video that we really are blessed to live in this country. I live in Hampshire but I've always wanted to visit York. Shame I've heard stories that most people in Yorkshire want separatism from England, is this true?

  8. York is a beautiful place to live and visit with ,,I spend 1.5 Years in York while studying in York st John university,,nice place to Visit with , and also People of YORK is friendly ,,,LOVE YOU YORK

  9. Who REALLY CARES if it's thriving off of tourist dollars! Be grateful ( if you are in fact a resident) that you ACTUALLY live somewhere beautiful and INTERESTING enough where people want to visit! Would you prefer living in some crappy town that people can give two shits about? I never understand people who live in a place where tourists gravitate too because it's worth visiting. If it was me, I'd be proud living in a place that people want to visit!

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