44 thoughts on “How To Visit Svalbard”

  1. I don't know what to say, but this guy is, the best. Don't know how else to say it. He's honest, kind, everything good. Just don't know how to say what i want to say.

  2. Tom, I don't know if you still hang around your old videos or not, but if you do: since gun carrying is mandatory in Svalbard, is it possible to purchase a gun for your time there and then sell it before leaving? (As opposed to the cumbersome business of checking firearms for an airline).

  3. Tom Scott went to Svalbard and the seed vault was only a minor footnote in the video. I'm slightly dissapointed, but still have my own bucketlist intact.

  4. If you go in the summer you can experience 24 hours of daylight. I used to live in Alaska, and I honestly miss the looong days. I do not miss the complete lack of sun in the winter.A quick Google search shows that Svalbard doesn't see the sun for about two months of the year.

  5. I'm kinda dissapointed. I kinda wanted it to be super remote and cold and uninhabited. Maybe with a massive international prison or two.

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