Palermo, Sicily: Lively Neighborhoods – Rick Steves’ Europe Travel Guide – Travel Bite

Let this clip inspire your European travel dreams! Watch the full episode: Sicily’s sprawling, gritty capital of Palermo boasts …

24 thoughts on “Palermo, Sicily: Lively Neighborhoods – Rick Steves’ Europe Travel Guide – Travel Bite”

  1. My father 'enjoyed' the sights and sounds of Palermo as he marched through it in WWII. I wish he could see it today. It would made his suffering in North Africa worth it!

  2. How can you say "today" from an old clip in July, 2020 when Italy is shut down due to COVID-19, and the EU has just recently blocked Americans from entering any EU Nations? Huh? AYKM? Really? Unsubbing, if you cannot and/or refuse to continue to be real, now, in the moment.People can find all this on YT vlogs, for free. Ye$, we understand that you're trying to promote your vid$ to help maintain your YT moneti$ation. Got it, but really? Unsubbing, if all we get is a short less than a 2-minute clip. Sorry-not-sorry. Unsubbing.

  3. A tourist's must visit & a native's hospitable homeland – remarkable destination with delightful memories of your travel ventures Mr. Steve.

  4. Greetings Rick, hope you're doing well! I really miss the old 20 minutes format documentaries, any new ones coming soon? I've commented before, they're the best on YouTube, thank you! I was surprised you haven't any on Bretagne, France, it's such a historically rich and well preserved region. Although I suspect deep down it's one of your favorite spots and I understand that you may want to keep it safe from the tourist overcrowding. All the best!

  5. I love rick Steve ,greatly and tremendously inspired from his greatness ..keep on doing great ,we’d look forward to rest of your videos ,hopefully you would be quite able to travel Europe again and wonderfully stimulates us ,we’re waiting for the day to come ..I’m extremely sorry for my English

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