Portland mayor: Presence of federal troops is escalating violence

Mayor Ted Wheeler of Portland, Oregon, speaks to CNN’s Jake Tapper about what he says are the unconstitutional actions of federal troops in his city. #CNN …

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  1. please view link on previous vote. CNN is and has been lying to everyone. do not take my word for it. Do not trust my word. please everyone watching cnn, search social media search other news outlets, search other sources. I do not know why they are doing it buy there is a full fledged anti american, cummunist and anarchist movement taking place right now and the media is hiding it and the local government is as well. I have peope very close to me that live out there and they went out there to protest what they were led to believe was federal infiltration. They saw federal agents staying on federal property barrickaded in there while antifa and blm was violent and atracking normal citizens while actively trying to burn down the court house with people alive in there. what they observed was them only protecting themselves to yhe extent of keeping themselves from being burned alive. CNN was out there and they were waiting for moments where law enforcement were forced to make everyone move away when they would try to start the building on fire. then cnn would turn on cameras so irt looked like innocent people were being beaten. I do not expect any of you to believe me. What I ask you to do is seek out the truth and set aside any emotion or opinion you may have towards trump and do your own research. I do not know why CNN is doing it but it is evil. I was literally in atlanta when violence broke out here. antifa was in the protests. People were spitting on the cops and throwing bricks and alot of yhre footage that was being played, i saw first hand what was really going on. there is an anti government movement inbedded with black lives matters and they are partnering with antifa and they have people strategically located in the protests handing out weapons and like birds in the ears they are manipulating the protestors and turning the protests violent. CNN and a fee other outlets wait until officers are forced to defend thereselves then its like they know exactly when the stop attacking the cops and stand still as if they are being attacked and tear gassed unprovoked. cnn black lives matters and antifa are somehow working together to create a false production. Like i said, I do not know what the agenda is but the local mayors are involved in covering it up as well. please dont just respond with a debate, I have seen evidence for myself i know what I saw. I am trying yo warn all of you. There is something going on an agenda and the sooner all of you research and figure this out the sooner we can demand answers and accountability. We need to know why CNN is rolling out a false flag story and make it stop. they are supposed to be reporting the truth and they are getting children killed. imagine if rhe next child desd was your own. research this and help get to the trurh.

  2. This is what happens with Dems in power. "Lets talk about it….and build committees on top of committees….spend more tax money to get more committees to talk about this…..holy sht 8 years have gone by…." Welcome to Democratic logic.

  3. You have con man with the brain capacity of rock running your Country…this is just the start. Wait until this compulsive liar gets real desperate! People around the world who dont like American are praying he gets another 4 years!!

  4. This is such bullshit. "No evidence" I live in this town. It is chaos every night from midnight to 4am. The cops can't arrest ppl during the riot because their officers are getting inured. 3 PPD officers are now permanently blind form the lazers. So they ID them and go swoop them up during the day when things are calmer because these kids will return night after night.

  5. These anarchists are domestic terrorists who are holding Portland citizens hostage under threat of violence if they stand opposed,the portland mayor should be detained for possible terror support,and federal agents must secure all federal property and personnel from risk of harm and death at the hands of these violent mobs,

  6. This idiot Democrat mayor has totally lost control of his city and endangered the lives , families, properties and businesses of Portland citizens . His woke submission to anti- christian , anti -police Marxist Black Lives Matter agitators has revealed his total unsuitability for public office and he is now begging the President to send in Federal troops to restore law & order and ensure the safety of Portland residents ! There can be no more dangerous example of Democrat politicians pandering to far left extremists & paying the price . Sadly the residents of Portland regardless of their political views are also paying the price of his and others like him's shameless political opportunism . It should be a wake up call to all law abiding democratic Americans !

  7. Hey CNN! So the protests and riots started AFTER federal agents showed up? Wow, did I have it wrong! Thanks CNN!!!! BAHAHAHAHAHAAA!!!!! TRUMP 2020!!!!!!

  8. If the federal agents are acting unlawfully in Portland and/or anywhere else, then the city police and the state police need to step up and confront those unlawful federal forces just the same way that they would toward and against anyone else acting outside of the law. Local and state police should challenge and confront and engage in law enforcement actions, even using force if needed, to any outside, unlawfully acting individuals, including the unlawful conduct and activity of any federal agents. State and local police forces need to bring themselves to bear against the unlawfulness of the federal forces. City / cities police department(s). County Sheriff's departments. State police force(s). Why should they not? They should! Why can they not? They can! They need to do it! Swine AGAINST Swine!

  9. How can treasonist Wheeler even show his face. He is a total failure and a disgrace. He is for criminals and against law enforcement. He is lying through his teeth.

  10. ANTIFA And BLM Rioters Are Now Coast-To-Coast And Threatening Suburban Areas As Demonic Trail Of Violence And Bloodshed Leaves 12 Dead So Far More than 20,000 National Guard members have been called up in 29 states to deal with the violence. New York is not among them. De Blasio has said he does not want … Continue readinghttps://www.3ccorp.net/2020/06/05/its-time-to-open-your-eyes-to-the-fact-that-the-spirit-of-antichrist-is-now-here-and-that-we-are-at-war-whether-you-want-to-be-or-not/

  11. The Spirit Of Antichrist Is Now Here It’s Time To Open Your Eyes We Are At War Whether You Want To Be Or NotBYMEON JUNE 5, 2020 •

  12. More LYING FAKE news CNN is! so typical,DHS are LAW ENFORCEMENT ! duh , violent criminal rioters are now "protesters" ?53 days of violence and destruction.the federal law enforcement showed up when ?the #s say differently, maybe educate yourself on the facts first.this is more lies & FAKE news from morons like Colbert as usual,calling the ultra violent terrorist antifa & blm "protestors" is a joke ! the peaceful protestors showed up around 9pm about 200 of them and "peacefully" gathered in front of the federal courthouse and left around 11pm then an hour later the violent terrorist anarchist showed up about 2000 of them and started throwing bricks,rocks,bottles,some had explosive devices,this scenario has been played out night after night and the INEPT and cowardly mayor Wheeler & colluding gov. Kate Brown have allowed the violence and destruction to go on for months refusing to protect business's and property or to even protect the residents of the city, they both MUST resign immediately for their incompetence and for condoning the violence.

  13. Who elected this mayor? Obviously weak, intent upon supporting those who back chaos and anarchy. If I were a citizen in Portland, i would be angry at this man's lack of action.

  14. CNN is such a bunch of liars! The mayor is such a fool for not asking for help. This is destruction, not protests. The mayor does not speak for law abiding citizens in Portland.

  15. "Before the feds were here violence and crime was way down."Dude, you've had 2 straight months of rioting; you've done NOTHING to stop it. The feds didn't intervene till you let/encouraged it to get out of control.

  16. We won't forget which side you took cnn. Hopefully the cameras will be rolling when the people you have been lying about turn up armed at your buildings. Obviously to peacefully liberate it.

  17. democratic party and mayor Ted Wheeler support the protests violent when mobs burned down public properties as well as attacked police. take all go the jail

  18. THE MAYOR apparently didn’t pass constitutional law. Federal troops can protect federal property. WHEELER HE WAS IN THE FRONT OF THE PROTESTOR AND HE WANT TO GET RID OF THE POLICE SO STUPID LIKE FAKE CNN

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