SeaWorld San Antonio Full Park Walkthrough 2020 with The Legend

Join Molly & The Legend as they take a walk through SeaWorld San Antonio. This video shows off all the animals, rides, shows and attractions that can be found …

24 thoughts on “SeaWorld San Antonio Full Park Walkthrough 2020 with The Legend”

  1. That purple/magenta thing by journey to Atlantis is actually like a drying machine thingy so you won't be soaking wet the whole time being there just fyi…loved the video SeaWorld is my favorite park ❤❤❤

  2. Sometimes they have October fest in that beer area and that small pool that was blue was and I think is still used for a duck game with tiny rubber ducks that you try to catch with nets or something

  3. Seaworld San Antonio is a favorite of mine, as a kid it was the first theme park I blindingly loved. I still love the park, but objectively, I can definitely see it needs ALOT of TLC. I feel like it is a weird mixture of the past blending in with what it’s trying to do/doing for the future. All of Aquatica was essentially a decent portion of the Seaworld park when it opened in 1988, where it contained Cypress Gardens West and a walkthrough statue pathway called the Texas Walk. Behind where Discovery Point and the Explorer’s Reef exhibit sits the skeletons of the Garden of Flags (large American flag pole is still there) and a large scale model of a map of the USA. I agree also that they are also fixing the “dead zones” that plagued the park, and as ya’ll mentioned there is still ALOT of room for expansion (old Texas Splashdown ride area still remains un-utilized and there is also that HUGE chunk of land located on the turnaround of Steel Eel, after the break run).

  4. From above with how San Antonio has technically 3 gates is to Disneyland as how SeaWorld Orlando/Aquatica/Discovery Cove function like WDW. TBH, they probably only own the land above the parking booths and some land behind Great White and Steel Eel. Texas Stingray and Turtle Reef really fill a huge gap in the loop and I'd be fine if they only focused on expanding their Water Park and turning Dolphin Cove into Discovery Cove as well as possibly removing Journey to Atlantis and the Nautilus Theater for an Inversion-based coaster that Fiesta Texas does not have (Great White is an invert, Texas Stingray is a woodie, Steel Eel is airtime based, Journey to Atlantis is a water ride, Wave Breaker has a launch, Grover's Soap Box Derby is the kiddie coaster)

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